Who are the interpreters?

Locally employed workers were integral to Canada’s safety in Afghanistan. They are now in critical danger as the Taliban retakes Afghanistan.

Why are interpreters in danger?

When Canada was deployed in Afghanistan to fight the Taliban, they used local interpreters to provide translation and cultural support.

Now that the United States and NATO are completing their withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban is quickly regaining control of the country. Interpreters who supported Canada have already faced attacks and violence from the Taliban, which is expected to worsen in the coming weeks and months.

Who else is at risk?

Interpreters are not the only locals in danger because they helped Canada. Canada also engaged cultural advisors and local contractors like drivers, cooks, and clerks.

What can I do to help?

True Patriot Love has launched a fund to help resettle interpreters and other locally employed workers when they arrive in Canada. You can donate to this fund here.